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Download Horse Life APK - 2023 Update

 Free Game for Horse Lovers

Horse Life is a simulation game that focuses on training and caring for horses. From learning how to properly care for a horse to cleaning the stable and riding the horse to glory, all aspects of owning and keeping a horse are covered in this game.

Training for Success

One thing Horse Life makes clear from the start is that owning a horse is not all fun and games. Before players can even get into the saddle, they have to spend a lot of time cleaning the stables which can be a bit tedious. However this helps add to the realism of the game and when it comes time to start training the horse this aspect can be a lot of fun. The controls are relatively easy to master and the cool graphics complete with a jungle backdrop help make gamers feel like they really have their own horse to ride to glory.

Are you a true horse lover

For anyone who has ever wanted their own horse but missed out or wants to know more about how to care for their four-legged friend, Horse Life could be the perfect game. However, the very feminine feel of the game may not be liked by many people.


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