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Those Horse Games - Horse Riding Shows

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That Horse Game - Riding Demo is a free racing video game where you can build the riding facility of your dreams. Created by indie developers Mindev, Amon, and Jonna, this 3D simulation game is an online multiplayer title that lets you build your own plot of land for your horse business and handle every aspect of running it.

Similar to Star Stable, That Horse Game - Riding Demo features in-depth gameplay mechanics about the world of horse riding—playing like a simulator game. As mentioned in the title, this is a demo version. Note that the full version is charged.

A rider's dream

In That Horse Game - Riding Demo, you are literally and figuratively given control of running a horse farm. With this facility, you can breed and raise various types of horses, ride and train them, and even enter them in challenging competitions. This demo covers just a few of these gameplay elements—leaving you more focused on experiencing the horse care and riding aspects.

As far as what you can play with this version, there isn't much available but it all still looks pretty impressive. The 3D graphics themselves are quite detailed and display a lot of physics regarding character movements and weather phenomena. There is character customization but for the demo you will use the default female model which still has great animation. The horse animation is also nothing to scoff at.

However, even this small demo requires a PC with high specifications to be able to run it without lag. It can also display errors regarding certain programs you need to install, such as DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime. The game won't automatically install these for you or even the latest updates in the demo. To get it, you have to delete the old version and download the new one.

It takes a lot of preparation

Overall, That Horse Game - Riding Demo is an interesting horse game for desktop. While this demo doesn't offer all the gameplay mechanics you can expect, the core aspects of horse riding alone are pretty much covered and have been executed almost accurately. But don't be surprised if the game doesn't run smoothly because it requires high specifications on your PC.